Turn Cloud Adoption Into Business Success

Cloud adoption is all about your strategy. It’s important to know your business drivers and determine your readiness for the cloud. This cloud strategy must align with your business needs and goals. It’s important to not switch just to switch. And the value propositions and opportunities in the cloud will be different for different organizations, because no two businesses are alike. That’s why you should determine your criteria for cloud adoption, whether it’s reduced costs, expansion, added mobility, etc.

Here are three key ways that cloud can affect business success:

1. Grow Faster

With cloud computing, businesses aren’t locked into their tools and resources. It becomes really easy to add, change, upgrade or integrate technologies and cloud resources as necessary. This flexibility makes it simple to add users, storage space, new applications, and more, without going through a massive and lengthy transition. The resources are at your fingertips, and it’s easy to leverage the IT and business capabilities you need while taking advantage of new opportunities.

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2. Cut Costs and Redirect Budget

Inflexible capital expenditure can really limit a business. Cloud pricing is based on usage or monthly payment options – this is referred to as the pay as you go method. In the longterm, this can provide significant cost savings compared to traditional IT spending. It allows businesses to avoid being chained to services that might not end up working out. Better yet, costs are predictable and flexible, so costs will adjust as your needs adjust. You get more for your money in the cloud, and your savings can be redirected to valuable new business strategies and projects.

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3. Improve Collaboration

Cloud computing makes it really easy to maintain contact with coworkers, partners, customers and business data, thanks to innovative capabilities like real-time editing, mobility and video conferencing. Users can share insights and gain feedback easily and quickly, without even needing to be in the same location! This leads to clear communication and quick project turnaround. With the cloud, users can do more, and do things better.

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