The Importance of Business Continuity

When it comes to having a cloud solution, business continuity is a key component in the success of your organization during downtime or in the middle of a disaster. People often think disaster recovery and business continuity are the same. They aren’t wrong, but they also aren’t right. The difference between the two is one you definitely want to be aware of.

These two words are stemmed from the same general idea: in the event of a disaster, the idea is to keep the business running as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The major difference between the two is what is most important – disaster recovery is a reactive solution, while business continuity is a proactive solution.

Disaster recovery’s goal is to ensure that business data is recovered in the event of an unexpected downtime disaster – without the loss of critical data of course. This is in response to the disaster; no game plan is really in place. However, the goal of business continuity is to allow the business to continue running without interruptions in the first place, and give it the ability to operate in real-time and pick up a falling component effortlessly so that a business experiences no downtime at all.

Unplanned downtime is what negatively affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. Why? It’s often unexpected – you don’t generally expect a natural disaster or accidental manmade disaster. Examples of a natural disaster include wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. On the other end, manmade disasters can be tripping over the power cord, building fires, or even spilling coffee or water on a critical piece of hardware. These unpredictable events can cause a major outage that sometimes puts organizations out of business.

Think this will never happen to you? Here are some statistics that may show you otherwise: 86% of companies experienced one or more periods of downtime in the past 12 months, 50% of SMBs do not have a disaster recovery plan in place, and 65% are in areas where they are prone to natural disasters. Business continuity is important because these issues can be avoided just by having a plan in place! It provides scalability, reliability, recovery, and peace of mind!

You never want to lose any of your critical data. Be proactive to avoid major business downtime. It can cost your entire business. Take the time and develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan and take advantage of the many things this can offer you!

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