Strategic HR in the Cloud

Companies are rethinking human resources processes and embracing cloud technology. Traditionally, human resources personnel spent hours filling out paperwork for new employees, manually reviewed time sheets and attendance, and physically filed folders. Those manual processes are costly and time consuming for a company and its employees, but cloud computing has reduced processes that would take hours to minutes. Spending on cloud-based HR software is growing faster than spending on installed or on-premises HR software, and cloud-based HR software will be 50% or more of total HR technology spending by 2017.

Simple User Experience

Automatic upgrades will keep the HR department and employees current on the apps they use. Cloud computing offers professionals the ability to access data and apps via devices like smartphones, tablets, or the traditional desktop computer. This allows employees to check their information from home, while traveling, and at their office desk. This helps eliminate the stacks of paperwork associated with HR processes. This also makes it easier for employees to request days off or update personal information.

HR as a Strategic Contributor

Cloud technology is advancing analytics, machine learning and predictive capabilities quickly in HR cloud software. It can help evaluate business trends, like employee turnover and compensation, to improve business outcomes. HR and the cloud are the classic triad – people, process and technology – and can become a booming force for business strategy.

Secure Data

Many question if personal information or sensitive HR data are safe in the cloud. That is a practical concern for any employer, but the fact is data is safe when hosted properly and diligently. The security of a company’s HR data comes down to the company hosting that data. Along with choosing the right cloud provider, there must be proven policies and procedures in place to further secure infrastructure and data.

Affordable Solution

The cost of HR cloud software is practical. There is no longer the need to rent server space, hire extra in-house IT personnel, update infrastructure, or run around installing new versions of software. A cloud provider covers all the necessary hardware, and updates software automatically, which frees IT from this stress.

In the cloud, HR professionals are provided with the resources and tools they need to work more efficiently. Cloud-based HR can have an impact on businesses and the people who run them. The goal is to keep the company moving forward. Technology and the cloud play a big part in business today. The biggest risk would be to miss out on the innovation and efficiency the cloud offers.

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