Startups and the Cloud

Cloud computing has proven itself to be an asset to businesses of all sizes, in all industries, but it’s an extremely powerful solution for startups in particular. Cloud computing addresses the very specific challenges of a startup organization, including both a tight budget and tight resources. This is how cloud computing can help startups:

Low Costs

As a startup, you pretty much have to begin your computing from scratch. This is the perfect time to implement cloud computing. The expenses that would have gone to setting up in-house technology and infrastructure pretty much disappear. The cloud eliminates hardware purchases and overspending on space, man hours, equipment, management and maintenance that new businesses often face. Instead, startups experience pay-as-you-go solutions that are managed for them, allowing these new businesses to focus on growth, strategy and innovation. Basically, in the cloud it’s easier to do more with less.


It can be difficult to predict just how fast a business will grow. Fortunately, cloud solutions are extremely scalable, addressing the needs of both startups and enterprises. As a startup begins to see more and more success, its computing needs will definitely grow. The cloud simply grows alongside the business, offering the necessary resources as a business needs them. And, as mentioned above, with the pay-as-you-go model, startups only pay for exactly what they use.

This scalability truly leads into the savings mentioned above, and this promotes business growth. By saving money via cloud solutions, you free up funding to pay new employees, add more responsibilities for existing personnel, or broaden your business’ focus.

Mobility and Collaboration

Beginning a business takes a lot of work, and that means a lot of time spent on emails and business development outside of the office, on both nights and weekends. With cloud solutions, employees can access their files, applications and computing resources from any location, on any device, at any time. This is amazing flexibility, and it leads to great productivity. It’s especially beneficial for a startup that might not have a core business location, and instead has to manage employees in various geographical locations. This makes it easy for all coworkers to keep in touch, remain on the same page, and improve business operations. It also leads to easier expansion for a business, as business growth isn’t limited to a single location.

There’s nothing quite like starting a business. It’s a long and tiring process that often results in something great! Cloud computing can ease the burden of beginning a business, making it more about the product or service than all the behind-the-scenes work. That’s the magic of the cloud.

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