Cloud Impacts the Auto Industry

Cloud Impacts the Auto Industry

As in many other industries, cloud is finding unique ways to impact the automotive industry. From car design all the way to sales and service, cloud is improving the way things are done. As a result, customers get their perfect car, and the industry experiences major efficiency.

Innovations in Cars

Cloud computing leads to innovations within a car itself. One result is better vehicle engineering overall, allowing for less hardware in the front of the car. For consumers, this means more leg room and slimmer consoles. Location-based services are certainly up and coming too. Imagine your car warning you when your fuel is low and finding the nearest and cheapest gas station for you! Additionally, with fewer expensive data storage elements, the increasingly computerized car might not have to be quite so expensive.

Safety Developments

When we talk about cars, we almost automatically think of safety! Cloud technology is transforming automobiles, turning them into aware and actively engaged members of the driving process. Already, we’re seeing developments in drive-assist and hands-free technologies like parking assistance or monitoring of driver attentiveness. In the future, these developments will only get cooler and more helpful!

Impact on Supply

The cloud opens opportunities for faster, more seamless collaboration across worldwide automotive supplier networks. This is a huge benefit, as it will lead to great efficiency. This means more responsive product development and integrated, secure and visible order management and shipping.

The Retail End

The cloud facilitates the use of detailed consumer insights through analytics and monitoring. With analytics in the hands of an auto sales team, organizations will see higher sales of cars and more visits to the service department. Analytics also helps in the delivery of exactly what customers want, opening the door to amazing service. Cloud also supports advanced dealer management systems that will lead not only to greater productivity, but also to efficiency and improved customer service. With cloud solutions in place, a dealership can experience faster and more effective management of parts ordering and enhanced training.

Cloud computing is impacting the automotive industry in more ways than one, including within design, supply, retail, assembly and aftermarket. It will be exciting to see how auto and technology develop together, with the cloud to support them.

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