Cloud Computing Enables Business Growth

In general, the main goal of a business is to make a profit and continue growing. With this goal, why would you ever incur huge capital spend on hardware, software, licenses, etc., when you don’t have to? With that said, growing a business is definitely easier said than done, whether you are trying to expand an already successful business or are trying to get a startup off the ground. There’s just no perfect formula. The process is always different. But with cloud computing, the business growth process can be easier. 79% of relatively mature companies believe that cloud technology enables them to access new markets and revenue streams. And the impact on SMBs is even greater.

Growth via Cost Efficiency

Cloud computing uses a cost-effective model. Businesses only pay for what they use, and they can easily scale technology needs as their organization grows – just as you do with other essential utilities, like electricity. Scalability and the payment model of the cloud support business growth by not requiring a business to make expensive or time-consuming changes to their current environment. It’s quick and easy to get everything you need, as you need it, without being bound by your size or budget.

Why would you ever spend excessive money on running a technology operation in-house, paying for more than what you actually need, when you have this option available? Today, 85% of SMBs feel that cloud technology enables them to scale and grow faster. 66% of them say that the cloud allows them to outperform against competitors. This is possible for these smaller organizations because they can suddenly afford this high-level technology, thanks to the affordable cloud model. Cloud computing is quickly becoming an essential part of the small business strategy, and that’s because cost savings and scalability are making it easier to grow and embrace modern technology and computing solutions. When budgeting isn’t holding them back, SMBs can focus on business expansion.

Growth via Productivity

Using cloud computing tools, employees are suddenly able to more efficiently collaborate on projects and share files. A file uploaded to the cloud can be accessible to authorized users within the cloud environment, automatically. These users experience the ability to view, download, edit and save their progress on these files, regardless of physical proximity to the original file creator or timing. Collaboration is easy within the cloud. And when employees can better collaborate, they’ll be more productive and contribute to business growth by completing projects faster.

As group flexibility increases, so does individual flexibility. Employees can work from anywhere, at any time, using any device, as long as they have Internet access. It’s quick and easy to pull up files, including those shared ones we were just talking about, and continue working, even if you’re away from the office.

Growth via Cloud Backup

In the cloud, businesses gain automatic and secure backup for their sensitive files. When these files are left in printed form or on company equipment on-site, they are much more vulnerable to theft, loss, damage, etc. However, when they’re backed up in the cloud, they remain both protected and accessible, even if office equipment is compromised or becomes inaccessible. How does this help business growth? First of all, this type of security leaves your team to focus on strategic business projects, rather than constantly maintaining hardware and backup. Additionally, it leads to customer trust – and when you gain customer trust, you build long-lasting relationships that will certainly help grow a business.

If your business is in growth mode, it’s a great time to consider implementing cloud computing solutions. These resources are quickly becoming even more important as the business world adopts more digital tools.

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