Cloud Can Solve Your Business Problems

Cloud computing solutions are a great option for the majority of businesses, and when you get down to it, cloud technology is pretty cool technology! But businesses shouldn’t be moving because they think it’s “cool” or just because competitors are doing it. It’s important to identify your business’ core problems that can be solved by the cloud so you ultimately invest time, money and energy into the solution that makes the most sense for you. The cloud transition should be thought out so you’re not moving without knowing why. Here are some common business problems organizations face:

We Can’t Scale Fast Enough

If this is the case, you’re probably a quickly growing business, a seasonal organization, or a company that stores massive amounts of data. Whatever your situation is, the cloud offers easy scalability for businesses. This means that you get the exact resources you need, when you need them. Rather than investing in new, expensive hardware when yours is no longer enough, you can simply scale your cloud solution up and access the resources you need. A common issue with traditional infrastructure is that businesses end up overspending or underspending because they have to predict their future needs. With cloud computing, that’s not necessary. It’s based on your business in real time, meaning you always get what you need – not more, and not less!

Maintaining Servers is Too Expensive

Dedicating your IT team to maintenance and management is a waste of resources. This is the department that should be focusing on strategic business moves, innovation and growth! Maintaining servers is also extremely expensive, especially when you have to go through the inevitable refresh cycles. When you move to the cloud, you pretty much remove all of that responsibility and the associated expenses. How? The cloud provider takes on management and maintenance of your infrastructure because it’s located in their remote data centers. This means that the provider is also the one purchasing and updating the infrastructure as necessary. The result? Your business constantly works off the latest technology without worrying about management or costs. Instead, you pay as you go, and savings can be focused on bold business decisions.

Limited Collaboration Leads to Teams Operating in Silos

Without the cloud, this is a common problem for organizations, especially those with multiple locations. It’s tough enough to get different departments to collaborate because everyone is busy working on their own projects. But without the proper tools in place, it’s even harder. Cloud computing creates platforms for users to share and access files on any device, in any location, at any time. This ease of mobility and accessibility promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration, as people don’t have to find the time in their schedules to sit down and go over documents or projects. They can work together in real time, via the cloud, even if they are in completely different locations. More than 58% collaborate across the organization and ecosystem via cloud today.

Competition Is Driving the Need to Innovate and Improve Offerings

While competition will always be a consideration, cloud is really driving the ability to innovate. 52% attribute the ability to innovate products and services rapidly due to cloud. Cloud computing and associated trends like big data are providing huge amounts of data and information that businesses can use to gain rich customer insights. These insights will then drive innovation. Cloud also speeds up the prototyping and deployment processes for new products and services, so time to market becomes much more efficient. This definitely creates a competitive edge.

We could go on and on about the various business problems that cloud computing solves – that’s because it’s really addressing pain points that organizations are facing today! And if there’s not necessarily a core business problem to address, but you can’t get your mind off the cloud, approach it in a different way. What can the cloud make possible for your business? That’s a whole new discussion, and certainly a interesting and beneficial one to have. 

Do you have a core business problem that we didn’t address in this post? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to start some of our free cloud courses, like the Benefits of Cloud Computing, to learn more about the technology!

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