6 Quick Benefits of Cloud for Healthcare

Cloud computing is now a valuable resource for all businesses. Many advancements that could not even be imagined 20 years ago have become the norm in the 21st century, and cloud computing is one. The healthcare industry specifically has benefited immensely from this technological breakthrough.

The healthcare industry, like others, is tapping into the flexibility provided by cloud computing. This has opened up vistas of opportunity. Let’s look at some benefits the cloud provides this industry:

Virtual Records: The era of paper records is quickly disappearing, and more healthcare providers are adopting compliant cloud solutions to virtually store their data. This also leads to reduced clutter, as organizations don’t have to worry about littering the workplace with paper that contains confidential information. This can all be easily stored, shared and secured in the cloud, without fear of loss.

Personalized Healthcare: Patient records can now be shared easily across medical practitioners so they can more efficiently determine accurate and necessary treatments, without redoing any tests that the patient already completed. The rise in the use of mobile technology also makes it easy for doctors and patients to connect through relevant platforms.

Big Data and Collaboration: Many medical professionals have found that working with other professionals in the same or complementary fields is easier with cloud computing and big data, which can be used together to analyze healthcare research and data. In the long run, this will aid growth, partnerships, and synergy between medical practitioners, and it will help the industry improve the quality of healthcare.

Cost Efficiency: Healthcare organizations can save big by avoiding building their own infrastructure. Servers and other necessary IT resources are delivered through the cloud, meaning the organization doesn’t have to invest in these items itself.

Remote Access: Cloud computing allows providers to look beyond the traditional healthcare setting, as users can securely resume work remotely, anywhere, at any time. This is particularly beneficial, as it offers the capability to to provide greater healthcare treatments and practices across the globe.

Security and Compliance: The cloud environment reduces the risk of viruses, malware, hackers and the like, as well as data loss due to physical emergencies or accidents. It can also help healthcare organizations achieve compliance with industry standards like HIPAA.

Cloud computing is allowing the healthcare industry to to grow by leaps and bounds in efficiency, flexibility, security and more. Moving the business environment to the cloud allows healthcare providers to enjoy the benefits listed above, and more! Learn more about cloud in the healthcare industry and related compliance topics in our free course: HIPAA and Cloud for Healthcare.


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