5 Signs You’re Ready for the Cloud

You might not be sure if the cloud is for you, or in what ways it would benefit your business. The magic of the cloud is that it is a major business problem solver and can address issues you might be facing. If you can relate to any of the below situations, it might be time for you to make the cloud transition. Take a look at five signs that you’re ready for the cloud:

1. It’s time for a hardware refresh.

You may be facing space limitations, outdated hardware, or a staff that is dedicated to maintaining your infrastructure. And even if you know it’s time for a hardware refresh, you may be putting it off due to high costs and the knowledge that a refresh will come around again all too soon. Cloud solves this problem by moving your data and computing to a virtual, remote environment, providing you with unlimited space in the cloud and freeing up your local devices. You get to work on state-of-the-art equipment that is owned and managed by the cloud provider, so you won’t take on any extra costs or work. Cloud computing provides the benefits of real-time, flexible storage and modern equipment.

2. You want to cut down on costs.

Infrastructure is expensive, and implementing new technology often requires added equipment or personnel. These things, and the tasks that come with them, add up. In the cloud, you can pay for resources like compute or applications on a subscription-like basis. The cloud allows businesses to eliminate CapEx and greatly decrease OpEx. You’ll experience savings on equipment, management, maintenance, software licensing, extra personnel, and more. And when a certain resource is no longer required, you can cancel it so nothing is left unused.

3. Your users need greater flexibility.

The cloud provides data availability to business users across their devices, from smartphones to laptops to tablets and beyond. This creates seamless access for all of your authorized users. Interested in implementing a Bring Your Own Device model in the workplace? This is the way to do it. You can empower your employees to use devices they’re the most comfortable with, and give them a choice in how they work. Flexibility in the workplace reduces the exchange of emails, helps a business move into the mobile, modern world, and creates happier employees.

4. You need a data backup plan.

Today, it’s more important than ever to protect data virtually and physically. Many businesses are realizing they don’t have sufficient data backup plans in place. In the cloud, there are plenty of options for backup and disaster recovery that are both cost efficient and reliable. Cloud backup solutions offer enterprise-grade support, backup and security in the virtual environment. Data gets stored remotely, meaning your business will avoid losing data due to disasters, emergencies, human error, accidents, etc. You’ll always be able to access your data in the cloud.

5. You’re growing, fast.

Do you find yourself growing extremely quickly, and your infrastructure and team just can’t keep up? Scalability in the cloud accommodates changing business demands, no matter how fast things are moving. Business growth can be expensive and complicated, even though it’s a sign of a good business. In the cloud, organizations can avoid the hassles that often come with growth, and instead get more resources when they need them. The cloud provides virtually unlimited space, meaning you won’t suddenly hit a wall when you need to scale up. When you grow, your cloud solution grows with you.

Think you’re a good fit for the cloud? Now it’s time to start the move. Make sure you’ve thought it through first, though! Take our free course, Planning the Move to the Cloud, to start making your cloud roadmap.

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