5 Benefits of Cloud Storage

Traditional cloud storage and backup were completed using tape backups, ZIP drives and external hard disk backups. The problem with these methods is that they can fail, even if they’re never used. They remain extremely vulnerable, and can be corrupted or degraded. Worthless backups means the potential to lose all business information, and today’s businesses cannot afford that.

Storage in the cloud eliminates these risks. Not only is the virtual environment less vulnerable than the traditional physical one, but cloud providers also have layers of security and protection in place to ensure accessibility for authorized users. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed quickly, rather than waiting on someone to dig up the storage drive. Here are five benefits of using cloud storage:

1. Quick Access

A common and valuable benefit of cloud computing is the ability to access stored files in the cloud from anywhere, at any time, using any Internet-capable device, like a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The business world is increasingly heading towards telecommuting, remote working and overall more flexible work arrangements, so this easy and quick data access is important. Users can constantly access and monitor their data, and gather real-time insights from it. It’s common today to see organizations with users across the world, and cloud storage makes this an easy situation.

2. Employee Efficiency

Traditionally, in order to finalize projects, employees had to work on a document, save it, attach it to an email, and send it over to a colleague for feedback. Then that colleague would go through the same process. And the document could go back and forth dozens of times before being completed! Cloud storage often comes with means to collaborate on documentation, in real time. This means that multiple users can work on a document at the same time, see each other’s changes, and make comments, instantaneously! This makes it extremely easy for teams to work together from disparate locations and increase efficiency and productivity. This also makes it easier on the manager, who can head into the work space to monitor projects, offer feedback, and make final approvals.

3. Data Backup

Losing business information could be disastrous, so why even risk it? Cloud storage provides a data contingency plan. In places where natural disasters are more common, this storage allows an organization to remain confident that its data will remain protected and retrievable at all times. This is possible because the data is stored in a virtual location that won’t be harmed by any emergencies your business encounters. The data is also protected by layers of network and physical security.

4. Cost Savings

Off-site storage and backup in the cloud offers businesses a cost efficient solution. Rather than paying for equipment and the personnel to maintain it, businesses can pay a fraction of the price and have someone else manage the infrastructure, which is likely also more secure. The cloud reduces operating costs and costs associated with hardware and extra technicians. And with cloud tools in place, employees can suddenly bring their own devices to work, which means organizations can take advantage of the latest technology without paying for it. Better yet, investing in cloud storage frees up the IT department to focus their energy on projects that will further the business, rather than on updates, patches and server management.

5. Portability

Cloud storage makes it easy to deal with any big business changes, like moving offices. Normally, this would cause concern around moving servers and the possibility of data loss. But changing locations with data stored in the cloud is no big deal. It simply remains in its virtual environment while you change your physical one!

It’s important for businesses to at least recognize the use and benefits of cloud storage, and then they can make an informed decision on their next step. Cloud storage increases an organization’s flexibility to adapt to curveballs and remain shielded from any potential disasters. It’s already a common solution for both consumers and businesses, and this will only continue to increase.

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